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About Sweet Serenity and Co

Thank you so much for stopping by! I created this blog as an outlet to help people embrace themselves and their dreams. I am currently on a journey working on this myself and I wanted to be vulnerable and share my experiences both those that are amazing and those that can be used as a valuable lesson. 

More about me…

My name is Mia Johnson. I am 24 years old and totally new to the blogging world!  I am a wife and a child of God. I am still navigating this crazy world we call LIFE. I am a huge believer of just being yourself. In today's society, there as been so much pressure to be a certain way and have a certain lifestyle. I have been a victim of this and I was miserable. I finally said one day...FORGET IT! I am going to be who I am and whoever doesn't like it, than that is their problem. I want to show others that it is okay to not have everything together, no one is perfect. I hope this blog helps you find your Sweet Serenity <3.

Welcome to my "Diary of a Natural Women." I hope you enjoy!