10 Tips for the Perfect Staycation

Some of us, like myself do not have a lot of money to take fancy trips every month to de-stress from our crazy hectic lives. The way I love to feel like I am on vacation without actually having to spend hundreds and thousands of dollars is to create a perfect staycation for myself.

Below are some tips that can help you create an amazing staycation for yourself:

1. Pour a Nice Glass of Wine

Indulge in your most favorite wine. Add some fruit to make it fancy. If you want to up the vacation, do some research online and create your favorite cocktail.


2. Mute Your Phone

Turn your phone off! If you can't do that (like myself) put your phone on mute. This is your time, take this time to de-stress from the social media and focus on yourself.

3. Clean Your House from Top to Bottom

Whenever my house is in chaos, it makes me feel overwelmed. When I prepare for my staycation, my goal to feel as calm as I can. Take time to organize and clean your house or the room that you will be relaxing in. You will be able to enjoy your stay at home vaction without worrying about needing to clean.


4. Turn on Some Relaxing Music

Regardless if you feel like dancing or just kicking back and putting your feet up, put on the perfect music that match your mood.

5. Add Fresh Flowers

I love the smell of flowers! It adds some extra oxygen to your home and they are so pretty!


6. Light Some Candles


Aromatherapy does so many wonders! Light your favorite candle, breathe in deeply, and it shall help calm your nerves.

8. Turn Your Home Into a Spa

Draw yourself a bath, add some bubbles and petels. Paint your nails or create some shower melts that can help relax your body. Treat yourself like royalty.


9. Read an Interesting Book or Watch Your Favorite Movie

Pick up that favorite book you never have time to watch or binge watch your favorite movies.

10. Take a Relaxing Nap

Sometimes what you really need to do it to close your eyes and catch some needed ZZZ's.


I hope these tips help you take time to yourself and give you the needed vacation you always needed.

Until next time xX