7 Ways I Stay Motivated

When you take a look at everything I have done in my life, you may think, “wow! She has it all together!” That is so not true! There are times in my life, more than you think where I come to a point where I am not motivated and I feel lost. I have had days where I did not want to do anything, I just wanted to cuddle up to the couch and lose myself in Netflix and snacks.


You are probably thinking, how do I stay motivated to juggle being in grad school and keeping up a blog. It is hard work but I take steps everyday so I can keep going but I also allow myself a day to just relax because if you keep on going, you will eventually burn out. I have watched YouTube videos and reading blogs to see what helps other women to stay motivated. It took be awhile to find what works best for me but I finally found them! 

              Things that Keep me Motivated:

1. Meditation

Every morning I wake up and do a 4 minute meditation for an intention for the day. I use the an app called Breethe that is free on IOS. They have many different meditations for different situations that may come up in your life. The meditation I use in the morning is called “Wake up with Intention.” This meditation allows me to wake up, stretch, and start my day on the right foot.

2. Read my Devotional, Study the Bible, and Prayer

After I do my meditation, I like to start my day with the one who blessed me to see another day. I open up an amazing app called Daughters of the King,” this app offers many amazing features, I personally use it for daily devotions. The app also help guide me to study the Bible. I open up my bible, and read the passage that was given to me in the devotion and reflect upon it. After this, I say a prayer to the Lord to guide me through the day and to simply thank Him for waking me up, for any blessings I will receive, and any lessons I will learn for the day. 


3. Intention for the Day

I love to write a daily intention down for the day. My intentions are different than my goals. My intention solely focus on my self-development. Today for example, my intention was to be kind to myself and to be more mindful of my reactions and my interactions with my husband. I write down my intentions in my planner so I can see it throughout the day.

4. Coffee Time

My favorite time of the day! I love coffee. My mother gifted my husband and I with a Ninja Coffee Bar. I am so in love with this device. Now, I don’t have to spend a whole lot of money on special drinks from Starbucks, I can make my own lattes and special drinks right here at home (I will write a blog post on my favorite drinks I love to make). I take this time to sit on the coach and watch some YouTube videos or spend this time relaxing with my husband if I can and drink my coffee. I think it is great to waks up early enough to take your time in the morning than rushing and start your day stressing out. 


5. Plan with a Calendar and Planner

After my coffee time, I take out my planner and check out what I need to do for the day. I have scheduled out my whole month on my calendar and usually already planned my week out in my planner so I can check it and go. If I do have to schedule something during the month, it is easier to see what is already planned so I don’t over schedule myself. This is a great way to cause less stress for myself especially since I am in grad school online, it allows me to work ahead and not have to worry about getting behind. 

6. Music

I am a person that can not concentrate in silence, my mind wanders too much. I love to find some upbeat motivating music to keep me going. I love to use Pandora, Spotify, and YouTube to find some great playlists. I also have downloaded some music from YouTube as well to use as a source of music.  


7. Journal

At the end of the day, I love to wind down and write in my journal. This is a great way to reflect and also mind dump. A lot of us, have so much on our mind at the end of the day and this can cause a difficulty to go to sleep, especially when you have Anxiety. I have dealt with insomnia for a few months and tend to oversleep because I could not get to sleep the night before. Journaling has helped so much. Even, if you don’t have a journal, all you need is a piece of paper or even your phone. Dump everything that you are thinking about out on whatever you are using and this will help clear your mind and allow you to relax and catch some zzz’s. 


Being motivated doesn’t just come to you, you really have to work hard at it. There are going to be days where you just don’t feel like it but you just have to push through and try your best. If everyday, you try your best, even if the results don’t always go the way you want them to go, you should still feel proud of yourself because you took the steps to try your best and that is all that matters. You believed in yourself enough to keep going and keep dreaming. It is not about being perfect, it is about the effort. If you try every single day, that is when transformation happens. You got this! Keep going. Just remember, a negative mind will never give you a positive life. 


Until next timexX