As the 2017 year is coming to an end, I think it is important to take a step back and reflect. Since in 2018, I will be focusing on self development, I want to sit back with a cup of tea and self reflect. 


This year has been a huge rollercoaster. I have had positive moments and opportunities to learn from my mistakes. I started my internship with my grad school and had to leave my job. This transition has been the most hard because I am so used to being busy and having income coming in twice a month. Now, I am trying to figure out, what I want to do with my time and learn how to manage my money more. 

I have had a few highlights from this year: 

“ABOUT ME” Project



This year, I have learned to be vulnerable and love myself for who I am. I am beautiful inside and out and it is time to embrace it. I had the opportunity to be apart of a project with an amazing photographer in Seattle named Amy. She was such a sweet heart and so down to earth and made you feel so beautiful. I came feeling very nervous and left feeling like a new woman with brand new confidence! 


 Sweet Serenity and Co

Six months ago, I just launched my blog Sweet Serenity and Co. My goal was to empower women to embrace who they are and and living a life they dream of. I started off amazing, but I became overwhelmed with the blogging community and all the brands I could possibly one day work with and lost sight of my why I started my blog in the first place. It became so stressful and confusing for myself and caused a lot of Anxiety. I decided for the month of December, to take a break from it and gain clarity of what I want to bring to the world with my blog. In 2018, I plan to get back to empowering women and others to embrace and love who they are and take them on my journey of how I am improving myself and the life I live. My passion is to help people and I want it to be as personable as possible. I plan to start my own podcast and eventually start a coaching business. In 2018, I am going to start focusing on one thing at a time and improve my blog greatly by creating a schedule and being more engaged with my audience. So, look out for some amazing things to come!!


My Mental Health

At the end of 2017, I have finally took the initiative to start counseling. I have dealt with Anxiety and Depression and always tried to do it myself but I realized I couldn’t do it by myself anymore. I meet with my counselor through video counseling weekly and it has been such a game changer for me! I have learned about mindfulness and how to be more intentional. I have started to PAUSE... check in and see how I am feeling multiple times a day and it has been an amazing experience. I have started to slow down and become more in tune with myself which has led to being less impulsive. I still feel Anxiety but I understand that it is just a feeling and a thought and acknowledge it and come back to what I am doing.  


Going into 2018, I am feeling so motivated to improve myself. Below are some goals I have given myself for 2018:

1. Start giving myself one thing to work on during the week ( patient, be kind to myself,etc.) 

2. Learn how to save/manage my husband and I’s money

3. Focus on what my husband needs from me to feel loved. 

4. Train my body to go to sleep at an earlier bed time and wake up at 7:30am. 

5. Blog more/monetize my blog  

6. Create a schedule/ routine for me. Start using my planner

7. Meal plan, work out

8. Become more of a minimalist. 

9. Create my podcast 


Yes, these are a lot of goals I have for myself but I will be taking the time to break them down into action steps to achieve those goals. I know my goals won’t be achieved over night but I plan to take the time to make sure I am working on them everyday and be patient with myself. I have a huge feeling that this year is going to be an amazing year of growth!

What are some of your New Year Goals for 2018??