Natural Hairstyles Perfect for the Workplace

Whoever told you that your natural hair is unprofessional is completely, utterly wrong!

You do not need to break out the relaxer in order to be professional in the workplace. You do not need to rock a huge fro, there are plenty of natural hairstyles that you could slay, whether in the corporate world or in the entertainment business. Below are a few gorgeous ideas for you to try at work or even when you just feel like being a little fancy!


1. Neat and Chic Afro Puff

2. Short and Sweet Afro

3. Big and Beautiful Afro

4. Gorgeous Box Braids

5. Slick and Straight

*If you do not want to straighten your hair but also want to protect it, try a nice sleek wig or weave.

6. Beautiful Short Cut

Have not forgot about the men! Here are some handsome and sleek hairstyles that you guys can rock wherever you go; work, gym, date night, etc.

As African Americans, we have a huge range of styles we can wear in any setting. These examples above are just a little of what we can do! Never let anyone say that your hair is not professional. We were blessed with beautiful kinky/curly hair and we should be proud to wear it wherever we go!

black natural hair 14.jpeg